HEAL and THRIVE -  A Spiritual and Medical Counseling Practice
Emotional Memory Therapy® helps to identify and transform traumas and stress stored in the subconscious and unconscious mind for the purpose of getting on with the life you want to live -- consciously.
We know that the subconscious/unconscious mind or reptilian brain is the eldest part of our human triune brain.  It is responsible for signaling our autonomic nervous system (breath, heart rate, circulation) and it stores all of our stress and trauma triggers. 
Emotional Memory Therapy works with the subconscious/unconscious mind to access and release outmoded survival patterns.  These patterns were set in place in order to survive (in this and other lifetimes) and to respond to stress and threats; but we are not meant to stay in stressful patterns.  No matter how smart we are or become, the reptilian or hind brain is still running the show. 
Once there is conscious awareness of what the reptilian brain is reacting to, the potential for choice is accessible and a healthy thriving state can be reached.
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 The following conditions are amongst those which can benefit from Emotional Memory Therapy®, Pranic Healing,  Body Harmonization, Inner Counselor and/or Hands On Healing...
Addictions  ~ Allergies  ~ Asthma  ~ Anxiety ~ Cancer ~ Cardiovascular disorders  ~ Life transition  ~  Depression Digestive disorders  ~  Emotional traumas  ~ Fertility/Infertility   ~ Fracture recovery  ~  Immunological disorders  ~ Infectious diseases Life Purpose Low Energy Migraines ~ Chronic Pain ~  PMS ~ Ritual Abuse ~ Relationships ~
Stress management  ~ Stroke 
~  Surgery recovery Vocational concerns  ~ Radiation and chemotherapy side effects
Reverend Tiffany Barsotti, M.Th., Masters of Theology in Energy Medicine with special emphasis is Spiritual Counseling and Holistic Medicine; C.Ht., Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist; Pranic Healer; M.C.P.L.T., Master Clinical Past Life Therapist; Certified Medical Intuitive; Hands-On-Energy Therapist and founder of Heal and Thrive.  
Tiffany is a clinical hypnotherapist teaching de-hypnosis specializing in Emotional Memory Therapy and The Morris Netherton Method of Past Life Therapy, which is sometimes mistakenly affiliated with a less therapeutic approach commonly called past life regression.
Thriving health is our birthright and it can be re-established.  It is a myth that all healing is painful and difficult. 

What you feel, you can heal
You've come to a place of love and grace
You've come to a place to heal and thrive...
~ Breathe ~
Disclaimer: Tiffany Barsotti does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure a disease only a medical doctor has these rights.   The information contained on this website is presented as  educational and informational.   Any service offered by Tiffany Barsotti does not provide nor replace medical advise. 

A belief in subtle human energy systems, chakras, reincarnation, karma, religion or spirituality is not necessary for any of these therapeutic processes to be effective.